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Alarming Female - 200+ Things

200+ Things

A work in progress–

  1. I am a man-loving feminist, and not afraid to admit proclaim it
  2. Sexism and patriarchy hurt women and men, girls and boys, American society, and world security
  3. I believe America is more sexist than racist, and we have a long way to go in both arenas
  4. I am the mother of two sons, and this has brought me more happiness than any other thing
  5. I have metabolic syndrome, also known as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and was preparing to begin fertility treatments when I became pregnant
  6. I took absolutely no drugs during my first pregnancy, including anything OTC
  7. My firstborn son has autism
  8. I knew he was different from almost the very beginning; I just didn’t think anything was “wrong”
  9. He slept through the night from 9 days old, and pretty much thereafter, which scared the hell out of me on the morning of day 10 when I woke up
  10. He has a high pain threshold and seldom feels hunger; I think this is why he slept through
  11. Before he was born, I remember thinking that if one must have a child with a disability, autism would be interesting
  12. It is–but I wish he wasn’t so vulnerable
  13. I discovered he could read (pretty much anything, including cursive and upside down) when he was 25 months old
  14. I became pregnant with my second son shortly after I quit breastfeeding my first, when he was twelve months old, despite using birth control
  15. So much for infertility
  16. The second son’s unexpected arrival was a huge blessing to my son with autism, so what do I know?
  17. My second son is verbally gifted, and offered my son with autism 24/7 speech therapy
  18. Having two babies under two years old is hard work
  19. I was a SAHM until baby #2 went to kindergarten
  20. Then I went back to college and earned a teaching certificate
  21. I started teaching junior high school in 1997
  22. Now I teach in high school
  23. The subjects I teach are language arts, introduction to literature, and chess fundamentals
  24. I was born in 1960
  25. I have sisters but no brothers
  26. I am more like my father than my mother
  27. I am the oldest of four daughters
  28. My two youngest sisters are identical “mirror” twins
  29. I share a birthday with Josephine Baker (June 3)
  30. I’m a first-generation college graduate
  31. I’ve earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees
  32. Knitting is one of my favorite pastimes
  33. I learned to knit shortly after September 11, 2001, like many others
  34. I believe the events of September 11th are largely responsible for starting the current knitting boon
  35. The November 2001 edition of Real Simple magazine had an article on knitting, with instructions, from which I taught myself
  36. I stumbled along for two years before I got the idea to start a local Stitch ‘n Bitch
  37. Which I did, in December of 2003
  38. We had our first meeting in January of 2004
  39. We still meet, at least once a week
  40. I got the idea from reading Debbie Stoller’s book, Stitch ‘n Bitch (thanks, Debbie!)
  41. My Schact Matchless spinning wheel, which I purchased in October 2007, is teaching me how to spin
  42. I love the creativity and contemplative nature of both knitting and spinning
  43. I believe that laws should be enacted to maintain order, not legislate morality
  44. I think it’s a ridiculous waste of time and money to prosecute consensual “crimes”
  45. I realize there are peripheral victims of consensual crimes; those victims should be protected
  46. I’m interested in counterculture in all its various incarnations
  47. Cannot help but multi-task; I feel anxious if I don’t
  48. Wish I could be reincarnated as a skater (as in skateboard, not ice skate)
  49. Also as a professor of experimental physics (one of the coolest job titles I’ve come across)
  50. Don’t believe in reincarnation
  51. Not the least interested in religion (been there, done that)
  52. I have a naturalistic world view
  53. My favorite musical genres: punk and alternative
  54. Bought a 45rpm of Lou Reed’s Walk On The Wild Side at the age of twelve
  55. Most of those lyrics went right over my head
  56. I’m a proud bleeding heart liberal
  57. Card carrying member of the ACLU
  58. Life-long Democrat, leaning Green
  59. Did I mention I’m a feminist?
  60. French roast coffee with cream and sugar, every morning
  61. Gin & tonic on occasion, or beer–porter or amber
  62. I love champagne but don’t remember the last time I had any
  63. Dr Pepper or Vernor’s ginger ale
  64. The spicy scent of carnations (dianthus) is my favorite floral scent
  65. One indulgence is Roger & Gallet carnation scented soap
  66. I also love the scent of lavender
  67. If I do wear any scent, it’s usually essential oils I’ve blended myself
  68. I have a nickel allergy; the only metals I can wear are stainless steel, sterling silver, or 14K gold
  69. Green salad is my favorite food
  70. Also green curry–and yellow
  71. The best meal I’ve had lately was at Heartland Brewery near Times Square
  72. Petit filet with a big ol’ mess o’ mashed potatoes (comfort food at its finest) and a chopped salad
  73. Chocolate and strawberry ice cream (together) is my favorite dessert
  74. My favorite Jelly Belly flavor is tutti-frutti
  75. The characteristic I most abhor is smugness
  76. Wait–make that bigotry (closely related!)
  77. Okay, well–and misogyny. I happen to be a feminist, you know.
  78. Two tattoos, so far, and five piercings
  79. Growing up, I wished my name was Catherine, or Caroline, or Elizabeth
  80. I attended five different elementary schools in five different towns (one twice; does that make it six?)
  81. My parents were not military, just easily distracted
  82. I hated being the “new girl”
  83. Being the “new girl” shaped my personality in many ways
  84. I often feel like an outsider
  85. I’m quite self-reliant
  86. I always think I’m the last to know
  87. This is due to my tendency to project knowledge and intelligence onto others
  88. Until well into adulthood I underestimated my intelligence
  89. Why is that? I think I know–
  90. I’m a member of Mensa
  91. I’m an unrepentant night owl
  92. Twice married, twice divorced
  93. Moving On With My Life
  94. Though I’m an introvert, I force myself to be outgoing
  95. I’m embarrassed to dance in public
  96. I love to dance
  97. I’m embarrassed to sing in public
  98. I love to sing–alone or along
  99. I love rock concerts
  100. I feel most at home near the ocean, especially on the Oregon coast
  101. Every time I see the ocean my heart leaps to my throat
  102. Turning east from HWY 101 makes me weep
  103. The crashing of the surf is the most comforting sound I know
  104. Watching the waves come in is hypnotizingly meditative
  105. I believe that shame is nearly always destructive
  106. I know this is true, first hand
  107. I don’t believe “everything happens for a reason”
  108. I don’t believe in fate or karma, though sometimes I pretend I do
  109. I am not consciously superstitious
  110. I seldom feel guilty because I try to make positive life choices
  111. I form attachments quickly
  112. Love to read books, magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs
  113. I started blogging in March 2004 as “green-eyed grrl” (www.grnydgrl.com)
  114. Stopped blogging there when respondent in my divorce tried to use my blog against me
  115. Read In Cold Blood in fifth grade, and continued to read “inappropriate” titles throughout my childhood
  116. Including Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex*
  117. And The Godfather, The Boston Strangler, and Helter Skelter
  118. Regardless of my reading choices, I turned out okay
  119. Knitting makes me feel smart and accomplished
  120. I like to design knitting patterns, and have had some success with this hobby
  121. I’m quick to forget arguments and slights (not on purpose)
  122. This does leave me somewhat vulnerable
  123. I always expect the best of people
  124. I’ve been unpleasantly surprised, but not too often
  125. I might be naive, but I’m not cynical
  126. Uncomfortable fan of The Office (stateside)
  127. Jon Stewart is incredibly sexy and I love The Daily Show
  128. I’m totally besotted with musicians (especially John Frusciante ~ yum)
  129. I don’t enjoy meeting famous people, especially if I’m a fan–it makes me sad
  130. I can roll my tongue
  131. And touch my nose with it
  132. I find my city a pretty nice place to live, though I’ll probably move eventually
  133. Passive-aggressive people are scary to me
  134. Started my own web-based company making and selling handmade premium soap
  135. I’ve collected talismans to help me remember events (this creates a lot of clutter and I’m trying to break this habit)
  136. I’m uncomfortable in airplanes
  137. I love road trips
  138. No phobias (except that bit about airplanes)
  139. Nearly every personality test I take scores me nearly balanced in all areas
  140. My personality “color” is red, with white a close second–does that make me pink?
  141. “Reds” are motivated by power and are direct, proactive, assertive leaders
  142. “Whites” are motivated by peace and are tolerant, adaptable good listeners
  143. In Myers-Briggs I’m an INFP (Introverted/Intuitive/Feeling/Perceiving)
  144. This is the least common of all personality types (<1% of the population)
  145. Often people don’t “get” me; often I don’t realize it
  146. I often feel “out of the loop”
  147. Usually I cut people a lot of slack; sometimes this can be self-defeating
  148. I have an actual diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder
  149. Both my parents have ADD, though they are affected in very different ways
  150. My three sisters are diagnosed ADD; as are 4 of my 7 nieces and nephews
  151. One of my sons is diagnosed with autism, and one is diagnosed with ADD
  152. You can imagine the family get-togethers–weird and wonderful
  153. I love to hang out with my children, who are teenagers
  154. When my children were younger and interested in Pokemon, I learned how to play and had my own psychic/fire and water/grass decks
  155. When they played chess, I studied chess again
  156. I’m now a fairly good chess player and teacher
  157. When they moved on to Magic cards, I learned those too (yawn)
  158. I gave Dungeons & Dragons a fair try, but it’s not for me
  159. When my son started spending so much time on MySpace, I got my own MySpace profile
  160. I try not to judge that which I do not understand, and have raised my children according to this principle
  161. I am exceedingly annoyed when other people assume they know my motives
  162. I make a fantastic chocolate sheet cake from scratch
  163. A favorite pastime is enjoying stimulating, challenging, intellectual conversation
  164. Even with teenagers. Especially with teenagers.
  165. School should focus more on learning and less on grades
  166. I blog on an MacBook
  167. Currently not physically fit, though have been within the past few years
  168. As a result of PCOS I am insulin resistant
  169. Though my area has the “greatest snow on Earth,” I don’t ski or participate in any winter sports (except knitting and chess)
  170. I’m devoted to reducing the number of things I own
  171. I don’t need a lot of variety, except in information
  172. When I find clothes that fit well and that I like, I buy more than one
  173. I usually only buy clothes that are white, black, beige, or sage green
  174. The only blue clothes I own are blue jeans, and I wear blue jeans A LOT
  175. I wish I looked good in hats
  176. Most of my close friends are women, except for my sons
  177. I love going to school and learning new things
  178. I loved math until 10th grade and Algebra II, when it got much harder for me
  179. The teacher humiliated me; I never took another math class
  180. Yet.
  181. My work as a teacher is very rewarding, and often quite humorous
  182. It can also be heartbreaking
  183. I find people of all ages fascinating
  184. I am never bored
  185. I am a very calm person, and slow to anger
  186. I don’t panic in emergencies
  187. I have exceptional hearing, which is both a blessing and a curse
  188. I am exceedingly impatient with narrow-minded people
  189. Few things make me furious, but bigotry definitely does
  190. And hypocrisy—grrrr
  191. I think we should talk more openly about racism in our society
  192. As well as all the other “-isms”
  193. I try to be aware of white privilege and counter it; I still have a lot to learn
  194. I identify as a “race-traitor”
  195. I am generally a pacifist, though do believe in self-defense
  196. I worry about the future of my country, but feel much better now that we’ve elected Barack Obama as our next POTUS
  197. I take no comfort in having been right about George W. Bush
  198. My favorite line from Shakespeare is “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy,” from Hamlet
  199. I am seldom lonely, though I spend a fair amount of time alone, by choice
  200. I am an information junkie and can browse online for hours, chasing ideas
  201. The place I feel safest and most content is alone in my bed
  202. Usually I’m very direct; sometimes this makes people uncomfortable
  203. I’m often considered “too forward” for polite company
  204. My motto is “live and let live”

*but were afraid to ask (purloined from my parents)