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Eye Candy Friday*

I pulled my car into the driveway near sunset and these Jupiter’s Beard were glowing from the backlighting. It was all over within a couple of minutes but WOW—they were amazing at just that moment. *Which beats the HELL out of root canal Thursday, I’ll tell you.

Eye Candy Friday

Spring is making a valiant effort—in spite of the snow and cold. These blossoms were photographed Monday morning of this week, a day that turned out to be 80 degrees and gorgeous. Wednesday was a blizzard of snow. It’s supposed to warm up again this weekend. That’s a Utah spring for you.

G is for ginger ale in a green can

What else could “G” be for? Green is my favorite color, my eyes are green, my old blog was called “Green-Eyed Grrl,” and my favorite soft drink comes in a bright green can.

Eye Candy Friday

“Autumn Girls” from Spunky Eclectic4 ounces handpainted BFL Amy is a genius with color. Isn’t this beautiful? Can wait to spin it.