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Recession be damned; a woman needs her pretty

So a teacher friend of mine found a little treasure the other day while perusing Thrift Town. Aren’t they adorable? And a steal at only $3.99! According to their website, Thrift Town is a “for-profit business that buys ALL of its merchandise from several nonprofit organizations. The money they raise from selling us “recycled goods” […]

FO’s of 2008 (with admitted fudging)

This time last year, with a paltry eleven FO’s for 2007, I made the following statement regarding goals for 2008– I have no knitting goals for 2008. Well, actually, I have one–a combined knitting, spinning, exercise, weight loss, health, decluttering, and everything else goal–to get a goddamn divorce already. That would be nice. Not only […]

Scary and rude

I do loves me some Engrish.com

Cool stuff

So, it was my birthday a week ago, and Margene gave me this– Truly, I didn’t know I needed this. But Margene did. My wheel came with an orifice hook, which I was forever trying to balance on the arm of the sofa so that it would be within easy reach when I needed it […]